At Hammond Accountants, based in Beckenham, Kent, we see regular communication with our clients as the way to deliver customer care with a passion that leads to clients seeing us as friends, as well as business advisers and trusted Chartered Accountants.

By embracing modern communication methods, the location of our clients, and their distance from our office, has become less important. With the advent of cloud accounting the need for hand delivery of documents is gone. As an example of how we can work effectively with all clients, here’s a comment from a testimonial we received:

‘Hammonds continue to work with me with consummate ease even though I moved from Beckenham to Glasgow in July 2009!’

Our team are always available for you no matter where you are based. We have the same relationships with our clients in Glasgow as we do with those in Kent. Our service is ongoing, we are not just here for the milestones of the tax year, or the deadlines for submitting accounts.

Whether you are based locally to our office, or at the other end of the country, we would like to invite you to accept a free consultation with us and see how our services can help you achieve your financial goals. There’s no obligation, no hard sell, just a friendly conversation. You can arrange a free consultation or contact us with any questions you may have.

Below you’ll find links to the areas around London and the South of England. If you are based outside of these areas you will still receive the same level of Hammonds customer care and service, so please do still get in touch.