Protect your wealth and look after your family

Estate Planning, Hammonds Chartered Accountants (1)Let’s begin with the bad news. The current rate of inheritance tax is a staggering 40%. Where once this tax applied only to those who were wealthy, today drastic rises in property values means that many now fall under this swinging axe. You’ve spent a lifetime working toward personal wealth – you rightly deserve your hard-earned estate to benefit your loved ones, family and those you’ve chosen.

We’re here to help (and to do away with the jargon)

VAT (1)We know that tax matters can be confusing, but perhaps none more so than when related to inheritance. Our chartered accountants aren’t here to add to the complexity. They speak only in plain English and will help you navigate the legalese to make sense of all the options. We’ll learn about your wishes and ensure that it is those who mean the most to you who receive as much of your estate as is possible.

Estate planning is essential (and time critical)

Grandparents walking with grandchildrenLifetime gifts, trusts, life assurance cover and care with transfer of agricultural and business property are all ways in which our chartered accountants can reduce your inheritance tax liabilities. However you must prepare in good time and with care. Our chartered accountants will make matters clear – providing advice on estate planning as well as consultancy for business exit strategies and drafting and updating your will, where necessary.

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