4 common online mistakes made by small businesses

When it comes to growing your business, the pressure behind taking the correct actions and executing them in the most valuable way for your company can be challenging, especially when marketing your services online with so much competition. There is an incredible potential to increase your client base and expand upon your services, but it may take some trial and error. There are 4 mistakes that small businesses commonly make online. Allow us to walk you through them in the hope to prevent you from following in their footsteps…

No website

With the recent switch into a world of technology, it can be surprising to realise that many small businesses remain website-free. The knock-on effects this could have on your revenue are immense. Without potential clients being able to search your name to find out more, or stumble across your services whilst browsing online, your business could remain in the world of the unknown. A well-designed website could not only create a drive to your business, but provide potential customers with an enjoyable browsing experience that they will wish to revisit.

Overusing keywords

When the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was just beginning, the way to manipulate the position your business ranked within search engines was to use as many relevant keywords as possible. Over time, things have evolved and actions like this are unable to reward businesses with a high ranking and instead, content written for a human interaction will become king of search engine rankings. When writing your online content, steer clear from overusing those keywords and write to appeal to your targeted audience.

Abandoning the subscribers list

Subscriber lists… we can’t hide away from the fact that there is a negative conception around these. However, don’t let this limit your businesses outreach. Provide the option for one-time or returning customers to check the box that allows them to join your subscribers list. With this information, you can then keep them within your list of contacts, sending them occasional emails and deals and remaining fresh in their minds as well as their inboxes.

Becoming obsessed with online

Whilst ensuring your business holds a valuable online presence, it is important not to get caught up in the world of technology. Face to face contact is ever important and can be a great way to provide a face to match the name for potential customers, generate leads and increase the knowledge and recognition of your small business. Effective words and imagery on screen can work wonders, but providing your customers with a welcoming smile and firm handshake could just seal the deal.

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