Looking to grow? Here’s how your accountant can help

Your business is doing well. and you have an established client base, great suppliers, and a brilliant team to keep things running smoothly. That’s all great news if you want to continue in the same vein without making any changes or growing. But the reality is that few businesses, if any, can successfully stay in business in a shifting marketplace without making any changes.

No matter how well you may be doing now, business development and marketing should never be far from your mind and any and all efforts to find new clients and grow the business from your existing ones will bear fruit sooner or later.

You don’t have to do this alone though. We know how tough it can be just running a business day to day, managing staff, suppliers, and clients. And this is before you even think about growth or expansion. Which is why using your accountant for more than just your annual tax returns can be a very wise investment of time and money. Here’s why:

They will help you run your business

This can include anything from just doing your tax returns, to registering and managing your VAT returns, organising payroll, pensions, and helping with stock control, invoicing and payments. Their job is to know what works best for you, taking away the stress of having to research, understand, and learn about things that may not be your strength.

They will manage change for you

Any change, large or small, can have an impact on your business. Their expertise will range from being able to set up a new payroll or pension system for you to helping smooth the way in a merger or acquisition for you and your staff. If your circumstances change, they can advise and assist with moving to a limited company or partnership or moving away from one.

They can help you grow

Whether you are growing organically through taking on more staff or expanding a service or manufacturing line, or by merging or buying out a business (or, indeed, being bought out) your accountants can help take a lot of the pressure off. They can assist with company restructuring, updating or putting in place new systems with greater capacity or higher capability to deal with the new reality.

They can also help you to prepare new business plans whether for your own use or for help securing new financing.  Choose an accountant who knows your industry sector well and they can use that knowledge to help you with projections, identify new market opportunities, and help with new clients to target.

Minimise your tax bill

Their knowledge of tax will help you to minimise that tax bill and make the most of your allowances, potentially leaving you with a cash overflow that you were not expecting which can be put toward those growth plans.

Are you looking for an accountant that can do more than just the accounts? At Hammonds Accountants we have been helping our clients develop and grow their businesses for a long time. Let us help yours too – just get in touch by phone or email on 0203 007 4990 and at when you are ready for an initial chat.