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Are Landlords Losing Out?

With the changes in tax rules from April 2017, homeowners who rent out their properties will not be able to deduct mortgage interest as an expense when calculating their rental profits. This may seem like a simple and straightforward change in the taxation process bit there are two main considerations to be made by landlords.

When a landlord is an individual, they will not be able to avoid this change. However, the change is being introduced gradually, probably to allow new buy to let landlords gain some rental value on their property. They may otherwise find themselves paying more for the property than they are receiving in rental income.

From April 2017, 25% of the interest is excluded in the first year, 50% in the second and 75% in the third until 2020 when the full amount of mortgage interest will be excluded.

Many landlords wonder whether they will be able to find a loophole to avoid or at least mitigate some of this loss. Individuals, partners and limited liability partnerships are all liable under this change; however, companies are not affected.


Capital Gains

Some individuals or partnerships may want to sell off their properties to a new company that they form to take advantage of what seems to be a convenient loophole. For landlords that have had property for several years, this may cause an additional headache because as a result of selling their property to a company they own, they may effectively be setting themselves up for a Capital Gains tax bill.

Depending on the amount of equity in the properties will depend on what the landlords decide to do.


Company or Individual

The new rules will also influence what new landlords decide upon when determining their taxation status. For many, it may be preferable to start off by registering a private company and then purchasing all properties through the company, or even buying an existing shell company off the shelf. This will also have a knock-on effect by influencing inheritance tax and other provisions that the landlord may have wanted to do with their financial assets.


Confused About Your Tax Bill?

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